Why choose High Tide Pro? 

I love photography  with my entire heart.

I know! It sounds terribly cheesy and may have even made you eye roll but, really, something about photography excites me like no other subject ever has. I, literally, feel like a 4 year old seeing a waterfall for the very first time. Every single photoshoot. I have incredible passion for this dream of mine and will put everything I have into giving you amazing memories to have forever! Photography is not about taking a still shot, it is about creating a still shot full of emotion and movement.

Most importantly. I want to create something for you. I want your best friend from high school and your mother and the girl who used to sit next to you in your Freshman math class- to look at your photographs and say, "These are so YOU!!" with a huge grin and huge hug because, in those photographs, they don't just see a pretty photograph of a pretty person, but a photograph that shows connection and love and spirit and, most importantly, the heart of the person in that photograph.

Hi, I am Tommie.

Writing about anything else is easy but, for some reason, whenever I sit down to write about myself, I end up telling lame stories about what my dog ate last month or about the afternoon my dad taught me to drive a stick shift in my "Nan-daddy's" beat up Ranger pick-up, that happened to be missing a seat so I sat on bags of mineral or about how I went to PetSmart last week and spent $21 on a toy that my dog will absolutely destroy in 2 seconds because it was an adorable zebra. The stories sound awesome in my head when I write them but, afterwards, when I proofread everything I wrote down, I think "I didn't say anything about myself at all!?" and then just keep everything as-is because I don't know what else to say.

But! Then I realized!

I tell stories about myself because I love that everyone has stories. I tell stories all the time. Most of the time they are totally irrelevant and often told in the least appropriate times, but all of these stories mean something to me, and since they mean something to me, they've become part of who I am.

I love that stories are small pieces of time and emotion and life that eventually become part of you. Creating memories from experiences is fascinating. So, all I can say is this:

      If you meet me, I'll tell you a ton of stories and listen to a ton of your stories, too.

Contact Information

Tommie Mead Jones

Savannah, Georgia